Background Checks

Have Confidence in the Person Serving Your Guests

Event Temps conducts thorough background checks on all of our wait staff, serving staff, food service staff and bartenders. We want you to have the peace of mind of knowing that the individuals serving guests in your home, business, or function facility are reliable and trustworthy.

Our background investigations are conducted before an Event Temp staffer is allowed to serve, and include:

  • Identity Check – We check the employment eligibility status of all applicants by running social security numbers and date of birth information through a social security number trace.
  • Criminal Background Check – We conduct a thorough criminal background check on every applicant before they are hired and placed on an assignment.
  • Sex Offender Registry Review – We confirm that an applicant is not listed on the national sex offender registry, or on local sex offender registries.
  • Drug Screen – Event Temps has a zero tolerance policy in place for drug use. We conduct pre-employment drug screens on all applicants.
  • Employment Reference Check – We verify the employment history of job applicants, confirming dates of employment, job duties, and eligibility status.
  • Credentials Check – For positions that require credentials and/or licensing, we verify the validity of certification and current license status.

We invest the time and money to conduct these background checks for the protection and security of our clients. If you have additional questions please contact us through our online contact form.